Le Monsierur


Research, Scriptwriting, Concept, Character Design, Illustrations, Storyboard, Animatic, Animations


This is the story and concept for an animated short and my complementary work at Fh-Mainz.


The story deals with an old man, Henry, who is very unsatisfied and unhappy with his life since the death of his wife. He lives out of the world and his biggest wish is to feel happy again. One night he sees a shooting star in the sky and decides to leave his hometown. He is convinced, that he can start a new life somewhere else. It is a weary journey but after a while it seems as if he had reached his aim and found a beautiful place to live. Unfortunately his feeling of happiness doesn't lasts very long. His past is catching up with him and he gets into difficulties. Against his will he starts an journey to a place far away. To a place where nothing exists that can make him unhappy or sad anymore...

Character Design

Background Design

Walking Circle

Sneak Preview